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Welcome to Green O2

We at GreenO2 are a sister concern for Vidhi Enterprises, which is one of the leading Manufacturing and Exporting Company of Drip and Micro Sprinkler Irrigation components in Delhi, India. company partners Mr. Vineet Jain and Mr. Navneet Mathur possess a mission of spreading awareness of growing greens around and saving water, so as to fight global warming and help environment. The Company today carries one of the widest ranges of products and is a one-stop-shop for mostly all kinds of Drip irrigation Components needs for its customers, and is working on some more to help the world. The product range in divided into distinct categories with the majority of products being manufactured in-house or procured under strict quality parameters. Different systems can be combined and designed to suit and satisfy almost any kind of irrigation requirement of a customer. Their system provides optimized growing conditions, reduced pest/weed with versatility to provide higher levels of productivity in all applications. In addition and more importantly these systems provide very high water efficiency promoting water and energy conservation which is also helping in lesser need of man power and hence gives an enormous boos overall Economy of user and the society. They have a future vision and will soon be launching Solar / battery / power operated timers for watering plants effortlessly. They are also in talks with manufacturers of organic fertilizers and various others, so as to share with the world at an economical price.


The mission for both the directors of GreenO2, Mr. Vineet Jain and Mr Navneet Mathur is to fight global warming by promoting awareness for growing greens while saving precious water, time and effort. The system they designed is going to be a boon for mankind, as they dream of an easy to install, use and handle by anyone, anywhere, effectively.

Our Aim

This process of business primarily aims at profit sharing amongst consumers of all walks of life as per the given incentive plan. We distribute profits at each point/phase of sale of services and products.



They have a vision of what could be needed by any small house owner to a huge villa owner. They dream for every single house to have a few plants for their gratitude and thankfulness to the environment. They are giving their whole life's knowledge and are continuously indulged in testing and researches for the welfare of the world.

The Best Company Ever!!

We at GreenO2 are a sister concern for Vidhi Enterprises, which is one of the leading Manufacturing and Exporting Company of Drip and Micro Sprinkler Irrigation components in Delhi, India.


  • I have installed GreenO2 kit at my residence in Chander Nagar, U.P. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning, but am amazed to see the working and outcome of their kit. The kit is helpful in giving uniform water to all the plants and also helping them grow evenly. I am happy with the water saving concept of Green O2 and am sure that they will keep growing and helping the mankind.
  • I have installed GreenO2 kit at my parental house in Aligarh, as they are plant lovers. Since they are getting old, it was difficult for them to water their loving plants, and last October only, I got a call from GreenO2 team about their automated drip irrigation kit. I immediately accepted their proposal, as I have been looking and thinking of such product. Believe me, their solution is a boon to people who love plants and find it difficult to water them. Their system is easy to use, as one only has to open a tap or while going out, they can leave tap open, their timer keeps a track of watering the greens. I am thankful for their such innovative concept for the help of mankind.

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